Rotary Airgun Nozzle

Rotary Airgun Nozzle

AC Type Antistatic Airgun with rotary Nozzle for Dust Removal and Ionisation

• World’s first Integrated Ioniser Rotary Nozzle Airgun
• Most effective dust cleaning thanks to rotating nozzle with 6
  tungsten ionising pins
• Compact, leightweight, ergonomic integrated ioniser
• Shockless design 


1- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC02 Magnetic mounting bracket for air gun

2- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC03 Ionizing ring

3- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC04 Air gun body R&L

4- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC05 Mechanical trigger

5- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC06 HP connector set

6- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC07 Rotary nozzle for air gun

7- SE-ACG-55-RN-AC08 Protective cap

8- SE-ACG-55-SN-AC01 Non rotating standard nozzle for air gun

9- SE-ACG-55-SN-AC02 Non rotating standard nozzle for air gun (3mm diameter)

Drawing / Dimensions